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About Natural Bebe

Natural Bebe was created by Libby; a Mummy to Ettie Bloom.

Ettie {usually described as Libby’s cub} was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot {a serious heart condition} antenatally and, at three months old, underwent open heart surgery.

Libby is a 30-year-old, lover of the outdoors with a self-confessed gypsy soul. Although Libby doesn’t feel she is quite the ‘radical hippy type’ {she wishes}, she has always been passionate about natural living, organic health and ethical values – since being a Mama to Ettie, even more so.

Natural Bebe started as a blog full of natural Mama-ing, CHD awareness, adventures with the family; Libby, husband Joe and their cubs Ettie Bloom and Ted the dog.

Libby then created 'Natural Bebe Massage' and 'Natural Bebe Yoga'; baby massage classes and Mother and Baby Yoga classes, running in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire - from her love and own journey with infant massage, with her daughter Ettie and passion of yoga. If you are interested in booking onto Natural Bebe Massage or Natural Bebe Yoga classes, or have any questions - head over to the 'Booking' page, or alternatively; the 'Contact' page. 

Libby is a Mama, taking a leap into business. If you are business that would like to get in touch – head over to the contact page for details how.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting Natural Bebe.