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" Libby is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! From day one she is so caring and attentive to each and every mum and baby in the group. She welcomes everyone warmly and makes everyone feel at ease. The room itself is decorated beautifully and is made extremely comfy by Libby to ensure a great experience is achieved. Not only does this girl know her stuff but she has first hand experience on how this has impacted herself and her gorgeous girls life and that in itself is heartwarming. Libby gives great information about the benefits of massage which you take away from you after each and every session. She gives hints and tips to continue massaging at home which is fab! I’ve seen such a huge difference in Mason whilst I’ve been at massage, he’s not a chunky monkey and he sleeps like a sleeping lion after each session. Not only is this class amazing but the true star here is how much passion and effort Libby puts into each and every class and member of the class. That is what differentiates this class to others where the leader can’t even remember Masons name ! We will certainly be booking back on!! Xxxx "

Katie Wright

" I can not recommend Libby and baby massage enough, not only is the massage amazing + has so many benefits for our little mini mes but Libby is so lovely, so welcoming, and takes time to speak to each and every person on the class bringing you all together as one! 💛 "

Amy Lovatt

" Me and my little girl Ivy have just completed our first four week course of baby massage with Libby, it has been an absolute dream!
Libby is such a wonderful person, she makes everybody feel relaxed and included. The babies all love her as she is so attentive and attuned to their needs, when it comes to massage and the benefits she knows it all! 
The way the class is set up and the feel of the room puts everyone at ease and the lovely gift you get at the end of the course is so unique and personal. 
You’d never regret doing baby massage with Libby, not only has massage massively helped my little one with teething and constipation, I’ve met so many other wonderful mums and their babas. Thank you Libby, and I’ll see you for the next course! "

Sophie Wood


natural bebe

Before my daughter Ettie had her corrective heart surgery, at three months old, her skin would be pale and blue / grey in colour. When I massaged her, her lips would brighten and turn pink. The increased circulation that massage brought would fill me with confidence and calm. For those moments, when we massaged together; increasing our bond and releasing happy hormones, nothing else crossed my mind. For those short times, all my worry and fear's would disappear - I fell in love with massaging my baby. I believe in baby massage because I have seen the benefits first hand. Libby - Natural Bebe. 

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natural bebe services

Teaching your baby positive, loving touch.

Natural Bebe Massage - Group Classes

Four week course, to include:

Massage manual {so you can continue to massage your babe at home}.

100% Natural coconut oil.

Natural gift and certificate, on completion.

Refreshments after the class.

Natural Bebe Yoga

1-1 or at home group massage

Maybe you would prefer to massage with your baby in the comfort of your own home, in a 1-1 or group setting. Please contact Libby via the 'Contact' page or via e-mail: libnaturalbebe@gmail.com


Class Times

Booking is required - classes run as a four week course.

Natural Bebe Massage - Tuesday Morning:

10:00am - 11:00am

11:30am - 12:30pm

Natural Bebe Yoga -

Wednesday Afternoon

1:45pm - 2:45pm


Four week course, to include:

Lavendar eye mask.

Certificate on completion.

Refreshments after the class.